Oct. 1 - 3, 2021


In addition to basic info, this form asks a few questions to help us get a sense of the people who'll be attending. For this reason, we ask that each participant complete the form him/herself.
Thank you!

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For this event, Otherworld is requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination.
Be sure to read our COVID-19 safety policies.
Please upload a photo of your complete COVID-19 vaccination record card.
This data, like all registration information, will be kept confidential.

Bear in mind that this Adventure Weekend involves some level of physical activity.
Please include any physical limitations/health issues you have, just so we are aware of them.
(Include any allergies, asthma, bad knees or back, etc.)
Please also let us know if you are pregnant.
(If you are pregnant, or think you might be by the time of the event, please read our Pregnancy FAQ.)

Please list any dietary restrictions we'll need to accommodate.
(i.e. vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, allergies, etc.)

Otherworld storylines never include any element of sexual violence.
They do, however, sometimes touch upon tragic events. If there is a potential story element
(e.g. the death of a sibling) that would be particularly troubling for you, please let us know here.

On average, when do you normally go to sleep?

All participants receive a free Otherworld T-Shirt.  Please select the size you would like:

Upon arrival at the Adventure Weekend, you will need to sign the following release form.

Otherworld Adventure Weekend General Release

  • I have enrolled as a participant in the upcoming Otherworld Adventure Weekend.
  • I certify that I am at least eighteen years of age or that I am at least sixteen years of age and am currently enrolled as a college student or that I will be accompanied by my parent or guardian.
  • I understand that participation in this activity may include simulated, physical, medieval-style combat and will require me to live in a rustic outdoor environment. I understand that the event will be held, in part, at night.
  • I acknowledge that participation in the activity may place me at increased risk of bodily injury.
  • In consideration, thereof, of the agreement of Otherworld to accept me as a participant in the Adventure Weekend, I hereby remise, release, and forever discharge Otherworld, together with its directors, owners, sponsors, employees, agents, and any other persons or entities doing business with Otherworld from liability for any and all claims for injury or other harm arising from my participation in this event. I intend to release these claims to the fullest extent permitted by law.
I accept and will sign this release upon my arrival at the Adventure Weekend.
Participants will spend the weekend in groups of six people. If you're coming alone, or with one or two other people, we'll match you up with other people to form a full party. Remember that we can't save spaces for the other people in your group until they have registered and paid.
If you'd like to be in a group with certain other people, please tell us their names and choose the option which most closely describes their relationships to you.
Person's Name: Person's Relationship to You:

All participants will have one of six possible jobs within the adventure. In addition to your own natural skills, you will have other simulated skills, which you may use during your stay in World's Edge.

Each party is comprised of one person of each type to ensure a good skill mix within the group. Which job you have determines what skills you receive:

  • RANGERS understand the ways of the forest and the sometimes-fierce beasts that live there.
  • Through their clarity of mind and spirit, SEEKERS can strengthen their bodies in order to defend themselves and their friends.
  • Wise in the ways of magical secrets, CASTERS use their voices to wield powerful spells.
  • KEEPERS are holy folk who serve the Seasons, receiving healing, protective powers and prophetic visions in response to their prayers.
  • MAKERS are the inventors, artisans and mechanics of the world, able to disarm traps and forge techno-magical artifacts.
  • Quick-witted and observant, TRAVELERS can establish connections among strangers and help friends adapt in new environments.

Please choose a first- and second-choice job. (If you and 5 friends plan to be a party together, you only need to list your 1st choice. Since your party will contain one person of each type, you each need to pick something different, of course.)

First Choice: Second Choice:

If you don't have a strong preference or if several jobs sound equally fun, please note that below.
The packet you'll receive will tell you which you are and will provide you with much more information.

We like to learn a bit about the people who'll attend each Adventure Weekend; it helps us to create events that every participant finds challenging, fulfilling, and fun. We'd appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out the following:

Please tell us just a little bit about the best travel experience you ever had
(where you went and what made it great).
People attend Adventure Weekends for different reasons -- to meet new people, try something new, learn more about themselves, do something creative, reconnect with old friends, have fun, etc. Please let us know what you hope to get out of the weekend. The more we know about your goals, the better we can meet them!
How did you hear about Otherworld?
If you learned about us through friends, please tell us who!


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