At an Otherworld Adventure Weekend, you spend the weekend having adventures in the woods as a story comes to life around you.

Ordinary People...

Otherworld was founded in 1992 with one idea: to give ordinary people an extraordinary adventure. Since that time, we've provided people like you — teachers, doctors, salespeople, stay-at-home parents — with a way of having a great time, challenging themselves and reconnecting with family and friends.

The non-stop routine of everyday life — answering e-mail, sitting in staff meetings, driving to soccer practice — can have a dulling effect on people's senses. In the same way that everybody needs a relaxing weekend at home sometimes, we believe that everyone needs a good adventure now and then to refresh and invigorate themselves. Otherworld provides just such an opportunity. It's an experience participants cherish and remember for years afterwards.

... Extraordinary Adventures

Coming to Otherworld is like stepping into the pages of an adventure novel. You'll meet a host of compelling characters, portrayed by our staff, who'll start bringing the world to life.

Mysteries will begin to unfold around you, and as you and your friends work together to solve them, you'll find yourselves challenged in ways that are exciting, unexpected and fun. You'll see amazing sights and do things you never dreamed possible.

Read our Step-by-Step Explanation of how Otherworld works.